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FIGHT COMICS! An introduction


The title comes from Warren Ellis. He mentioned Fight Comics as a concept years ago on his now-closed Bad Signal mailing list.

As he described it, Fight Comics is a concept where the the fight itself is the point of the story. A fight told in an interesting way. Making the battle compelling and not as filler between dialouge.

Which hit me right in the brainstem. I’ve been a lover of well-done action for as long as I can remember, and this concept all of the sudden gave me permission as a storyteller to focus on what I was already passionate about, and on what many consider the sauce on the story, not the meat of the narrative itself.

So I’ve come up with five stories, a different artist collaborating with me on each(plus a cover artist!). They’ve been a blast to write. I’ve tried to keep each story distinct from each other, including a bare-knuckle boxing fight, a swashbuckling duel, a high-tech story of rebellion, a conflict amoung techno-gods from the distant future, and a kung-fu tale.

I hope to have the anthology ready by the 2012 Calgary Comics Expo, but check back here for details! I plan to get a few preview images up in the next few days.