Month: June 2010

A Study in Horrible-ness (a Dr. Horrible ‘documentary’)

Find out what the henchman-on-the-street thinks of Dr. Horrible…

Youtube link:

This was my first foray into film-making, and I found I really enjoyed the process. That was assisted by no less than Dan Dumouchel from Perfect Pictures Inc, who made every step of it easy and fun. The quality of the product has a lot to do with the skill, craft and art he has at his fingertips.

Something fascinating was in watching this with an audience. Stuff that I only hoped was mildly entertaining got big laughs. Fortunately, so did the stuff that I actually thought was funny. Like a lot of art forms, you have to realize that by the time an audience watches it, it’s going to be a different beast than you thought it was on the page, while you were shooting, or even while editing.

It was invigorating. Addicting. Maybe I’ll have to do some more.

Hope you enjoy it.


Come see Natalie Meisner’s BEFORE THE TIDE

This show, as well as working on the Calgary production of Dr. Horrible, has been keeping me away from this blog for awhile… so it seems as fine a place as any to try to tell people all about it!

Theatre BSMT presents the world premiere of award-winning
playwright Natalie Meisner’s Before the Tide with
Artistic Director Designate at the helm.

CALGARY, AB – Theatre BSMT presents Before the Tide – a haunting new play by award-winning Canadian playwright, Natalie Meisner. Artistic Director Designate of Theatre BSMT, Jason Mehmel, produces the play which stars outgoing Artistic Director, Amy Dettling.

Before the Tide tells the story of Claire, a kayak instructor who makes a macabre discovery while on the water. Rich is the police sergeant she encounters as she tries to chart out the right course of action.  Confronted by due process and a string of coincidences, they learn that the riptide can pull you in directions you never intended. Playwright Natalie Meisner has been recognized with awards such as the Canadian National Playwriting Award and the Jessie Richardson Theatre Award.  Her brilliant and ground-breaking plays have been produced nationwide.

This production features some of the talents of Calgary’s emerging theatre professionals: Director and Set Designer Shane Anderson is partnering with acclaimed comic-book artist Fiona Staples <; , and Sound Designer Greg Smith. The production is produced by Theatre BSMT’s Artistic Director Designate, Jason Mehmel and stars outgoing Artistic Director Amy Dettling and Calgary actor, Brian Doss.
Theatre BSMT is stretching the definition of emerging artists. With Fiona Staples and Greg Smith, we have two accomplished professionals in their particular fields, but had never brought those skills into the theatre space before. Actor Brian Doss returns to the craft after time spent away.

Jason Mehmel comes to Theatre BSMT as an eager and capable theatre professional having received his BFA in 2006 at the University of Calgary. He is currently the Treasurer for the Fight Directors Canada and was featured as Vertigo Mystery Theatre’s Emerging Director in 2008. He is thrilled to take his place as the new Artistic Director of Theatre BSMT for the 2010/2011 Season, and plans to make exciting and innovative changes to the company’s direction and mandate, while continuing to offer rewarding opportunities to emerging artists.

Outgoing Artistic Director Amy Dettling will be leaving Theatre BSMT to pursue her education and career goals in the field of Science! The company wishes her all the best in her exciting endeavors.

Before the Tide runs June 2nd – 12th, 2010 at the EPCOR Centre’s Motel. Tickets are available by calling 403-288-2384 or by emailing More information may be found at <; .