Month: September 2010

Romancing the App

Commodore Basic on a C64

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I’ve always been fond of programming.

When I was a kid, we learned to program on a Commodore 64 in BASIC… When I moved into junior high, we learned Microsoft’s BASIC language, and I remember being amazed at the possibilities of coding. Living on a steady diet of sci-fi novels, I imagined computers and programs as the ultimate answer to any sort of labour we would find too boring or time-consuming. Math and it’s subsidiaries are the first and best example of how we would let computers help us… but the burgeoning fields of video games made me dream of coding levels and monsters as a career.

This, of course, was before we’d heard of the Internet. (more…)


Rewarded Patience

I was sick all last week. I tried to go in to work, but the bug kept me home for a couple of days. And with a completely unplanned day off, I find myself turning to those things I kept putting off because of a lack of time.

Like re-watching The Godfather, Part 2.