Month: September 2007

Ghost of an iPod.

They say when you lose an arm or leg, that you still feel the ghost of that limb. That you still feel your toes wiggling, when they aren’t there to wiggle.

I find myself feeling similarly about my iPod.

 Last night my iPod simply stopped working, overheating when I plugged it in. It was making tiny squeaking sounds on the inside as well, which I’m told is not good.

 I don’t intend to make light of those who have lost limbs, so much as I want to point to my own integration into the digital world. The times are many, where I automatically grab my iPod to help pass the time, or fill the rest of my brain while I do data entry.

This admittedly small loss feels less like a broken appliance and more like slipping back in time, when I wasn’t able to carry hundreds of songs with me, let alone downloading the newest podcast, and listening to it later that afternoon. Now I’m picking and choosing what tapes to take to work, or what radio station to listen to.

(Yes, I’m listening to tapes. I can’t find my old CD player, which means I’m regressing even further…)

 In regards to time-travel, I’ve also found myself stepping into the future. Looking at a new iPod to replace the one now defunct(the cost of repair is more just getting a comparable new one), I’m buffeted by a range of types and sizes, all in increment prices. More and more these days, purchasing new electronics seems to be a process of trying to guess where the technology will go, so you can buy something that will become obsolete more slowly.

My first instinct is just to replace, to get the iPod that most closely does what it’s predecessor did: play music, show my contacts and calenders, and hold data. The thought, though, of an iPod I could watch whole movies on, or surf the web, makes the new-toys kid in me excited for novelty of it.

I’m deciding among these, and I’m still not sure, but I have to figure it out soon. I’m missing podcasts, and I keep reaching for an iPod that isn’t really there.