I’m directing for Sage Theatre!

A Beautiful View, By Daniel MacIvor, NOVEMBER 7-15

This is my first show directing for Sage Theatre’s mainstage! Normally, whenever I’m doing a show I post it here on the blog, so here we go. I also have to praise Rare Results… this poster design is fantastic.

And I’ve been blessed with an amazing team. My designers are inventive and passionate, and my actors are a perfect mix of fearless and questioning. We’ll try anything, but we’ll always ask questions to make sure it works. And my crew knows what needs to be done before anyone else realizes it.

Show synopsis and information below:

A quirky, comic tale from Canadian theatre stalwart Daniel MacIvor, A Beautiful View intimately examines the relationship between two contemporary women. From beginning to end, awkward introductions and random meetings turn into tentative romance. Mistakes are made as our brave heroines strive for connection. Each moment becomes an examination in trying to better understand their relationship. Oh, and did we mention the bear?

Directed by Jason Mehmel
Set and Lighting Design by Kathryn Smith
Costume Design by Kathryn Smith
Sound Design by Aidan Lytton





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