Directing a play about Nikola Tesla…


Tesla, Twain and Morgan meet in death to revisit the events surrounding the Wardenclyffe Tower project in 1901. The inventor’s tower promises to advance mankind a century, but threatens the banker’s societal ideals of order and control. A writer carefully tries to convey the truth while keeping two bitter foes at bay.

Come see a show that transforms Purgatory, with Tesla’s own invention (the Tesla coil) making a cameo on stage.

Thursday June 19 – 10:00 pm
Friday June 20 – 8:45 pm
Saturday June 21 – 3:15 pm

Tickets available at:

Alan Edward Johnson: Mark Twain
Greg Wilson: John Peirpont Morgan
Jonathan Molinski: Nikola Tesla

Directed by: Jason Mehmel


Ashley White: Stage Manager
Kathryn Smith: Designer / Assistant Director
Aidan Lytton: Sound Design
Tyler Longmire: Projection Design

Nikola-Tesla-seated Tesla.Coil2


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