Month: April 2007

Nonsense Power, or, Why Would A Cat Wear A Belt Anyway?

This webcomic is something that I’ve been reading for awhile, and always find it generally funny.

It hits me right in the funny bone, often leaving a bruise of hilarity. It’s the same brand of humour that would lead me to conceive of things like a Spice Party (with the assistance of Kelsey) where you must behave according to the spice-allegory you’ve chosen.

“I don’t get much from hanging out with Salt, but for some reason I just keep doing it…”


We’ll Process Your Nostalgia For You Wholesale

Well, I found this online while surfing randomly. The 8bitpeoples… A group of musicians whose instruments are based on now-ancient computer technology. Particularly, 8-Bit music. I’ve listened to a bit. Some of it is neat, some of it reminds you of very old video games, and some of it sounds startlingly new. This isn’t just sampling in the theme from Mario Bros., it’s new tunes with old tech.

All of their musical accomplishments aside, this glorification of obsolete computer technology is fascinating. Quite a bit of our culture is pre-processed, in a state of reminding you of your past. Two current movies in theatres are only being made because their is a built-in nostalgia junkie audience. Of which group I place myself, as well…

I don’t have a fully developed thesis on this subject, so I’ll stop the rambling, and let you browse through their discography. Maybe you’ll reminded of many nintendoes past…