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Review of Avatar

This isn’t my most current review. This movie has been out long enough everyone’s probably already formed an opinion. Which means, read on! See if you disagree, and then debate it with me in the comments! From the enormous hype machine to the months of sold-out performances, I came out of that movie having seen exactly what I expected. Which is good, mostly.

Stunning, well-designed visuals? Check. A critical view our need as a race to strip everything around us for resources? Check. Action scenes that will no doubt inspire hordes of video games? Check.

Strange as it may sound, with all the fervour around this movie, giving us this sort of relatively simple story is the safest bet, with the best chance for success. Everything that could be counted as a surprise was in the visuals, in the design.



Review of Sherlock Holmes

I’ve read a few reviews and criticism of the new Sherlock Holmes movie, to get going on this review. It’s polarized, basically between people who wanted to see him in a deerstalker (the funny cap), and those who were glad they didn’t.

I’d count myself in the second group… I’ve got a fair amount of familiarity with the original Holmes stories, and I was glad to see something other than the typical Sherlock cliché. What we see as the ‘traditional’ Holmes, with the cap, jacket and pipe, was an image created more out of the movies and illustrations that followed the stories, than the stories themselves. The funny cap is less important than showing the almost unbalanced compulsion that drives this character.

Which this movie did, as did Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law as performers, is both have fun with the possibilities of these characters, as well as show the tensions. Sherlock as a OCD genius who needs a case to work on for his own sanity. Watson is Sherlock’s closest friend, but is also someone addicted to the excitement of Sherlock’s cases.