Month: July 2007

“Opium For The Masses”

I didn’t realize I was distinctly religious until my idol broke.

It kept trying to change channels.

The comparison between television and religion has been made before, but it didn’t really come home until my television broke last night. I was in the middle of using it, when the screen went black, and it made a clicking sound, kind of like the sound you hear when it’s changing channels, or when you’re turning it off or on. I tried all the buttons, I tried unplugging both the cable and the DVD video feed; nope. The only thing that stops the clicking is pulling the plug. Did I mention it no longer operates as a TV? Just a big clicking box.

So now I’m trying to decide if I should go and shell out the cash for a new one, pick up a used one, or do without. It’s amazing how much that last option is hard to consider. I would like to think that I could ‘do without’ if need be, but I find myself not even willing to let a whole day go by without replacing it. The thought of a few movies I just bought, languishing on my laptop screen (with less robust sound) drives me into a consumerist frenzy. It’s either that or go in the other direction, become a monk somewhere, forever abandoning widescreen bliss.

I’ll try to fight it as long as I can, but the Need is on me, and I’m hunting for my digital fix…