Re-Launch in T-Minus…

I’ve been fascinated since a young age with space travel. All of the logistics and challenges involved are infinitely important when dealing with the vastness of space and its vacuum. One of those challenges involves the physics of space travel, which consists of everything Newton worked out (and some beyond) with a solid-state booster rocket strapped to it. Just to leave the atmosphere requires an enormous amount of energy, and that’s only to reach orbit. Earth’s gravity still has a grasp up there, though it’s at least more tenuous than its grip down here.

Maintaining any sort of presence on-line feels like it requires a similar amount of energy. Every time that a blog, webcomic, or podcast that I enjoy takes a hiatus, I always hope they’ll come back, instead of fading away with lost momentum. I’d built up an unsteady orbit with a few regular postings, but life events caused that orbit to deteriorate to the point where a re-launch would be required. I’ll try not to belabour the space metaphor any further, but it’s harder to build up momentum than it is to maintain it, and I certainly lost that momentum over the last months since the previous post (fittingly, it was also regarding space travel).

Without delving into self-pitying autobiography, the last summer could be described as a lot of stressful situations that always seemed to end better than they started. Inside of all of these events, though, I lost the habit of blogging, the habit having been replaced with things that needed doing right now, or with desiring a rest after a long period without a break.

I’ve been developing a few new pieces, and I’ve noticed a few things when I’ve been passively surfing on the web, so I should have enough material to bring back the tenuous orbit I’d maintained. The next step will be plotting where to go from there…


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