Share the Power

So, I’m lucky enough to know quite a few talented people, whom I get to get consider friends and associates. A lot of them blog, or have websites. Normally, I would just link to their addresses on the sidebar, but I figured I could do better, and take a bit of time to describe what makes their webspaces interesting…

The best kind of use of the internet is in not just creating links, but making those links have at least some point, some context. If I’m going to send you somewhere else on the web, I owe it to you to at least mention why.

So, to begin, and in no particular order at all, other than whatever order my current Firefox tabs happen to be in:

Nick. One of the members of Vicious Ambitious, and probably who most earns the latter word of that group. He has such a perfect blend of ambition and passion, and he only ever wants to become better at what he loves, which is comics and storytelling. I’ve worked on one story with him, and I’m looking forward to doing more. He’s also got great taste in books.

Fiona. Much of the art that occurs in mainstream comics these days comes from a similar cloth; the superhero art-fathers of the past. Kirby, Kane, Romita, (a host of others I’m doing a disservice by not remembering) and so their children, the artists of today, have styles that speak to those pasts. Fiona’s art shows a sense of style, an awareness of body language, and a quality of storytelling that is great comics, and is all her own.

Andrew. Andrew is a great writer of comics who finds a way to personally connect to every work of his that I’ve read. A lot of comics end up being more focused on the concept then the characters, and Andrew’s work never does that. His dialogue will replay in my head after reading, like many of the best writing.  (His blog is part biography, part rant, and part observation. With a dark sense of humour, I find myself always ready to follow where he’s leading.)

Anton. One of my fellow University of Calgary alum, and a fellow theatre artist around town here, Anton’s blog is full of exactly the same fun and thought-fullness Anton brings to a real-live conversation.  He’s also the person whose note inspired my Un-Facebooking post awhile back.

Thunderfist Productions. I’ve only met this crew recently, but took a shine to them immediately. A sense of humour, passion, and thorough good taste, these are guys that I’m looking forward to getting to know better.

The Waterworks. This is the blog and web presence of Scott Dutton, one of the friends who’s known me the longest. Scott is an extremely talented art director, designer,  illustrator, and someone who has also done some damn fine comics. Scott’s attention to craft and skill consistently push me to up my game in my own work.

Attoboy. The webspace of one Derek Mah, who is many things. An illustrator, web impresario/raconteur and basically someone who seems to have a thoughtful view on any subject I put to him. Often playful as well as interesting, it’s usually worth paying attention to what he’s got going on.

George Bailey Sees The World! This is a travel blog written by Dave Gagnier, who it turned out shares a common friend with me. We had probably known each other for almost a year before we discovered the connection. He’s currently teaching in Asia, and besides posting pictures, often writes thoughtful peices of the observations of the one taking the pictures.

I’ll leave it there for now; but this post will probably have a sequel in a month or so. I’m already drawing up that list; but if you feel you were missed, write me and let me know!


2 thoughts on “Share the Power

  1. Jason, I nearly neglected – and did until now – to thank you for your words here. I was, and am, quite touched. Right back at you brother. Hope you’re good. I’m in Amsterdam at the moment, and also good.

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