Shadowtheft, or Holding Your Telepresence Hostage…

I think this is fascinating. The link below is itself a link of a story, but the germ of it is that someone hacked into a Facebook account, and then pretended to be that person, asking people on his friend’s list for money. Not very subtle, or likely to work; most of my friends would rarely ask me for money, and if they did, it’s not usually going to come across on Facebook.

But what captures my attention are the sci-fi implications here. We join more and more social networking sites and use more programs that connect to them. The only people in a position to see us all the time are our families and co-workers. I’ve lately only got time to see friends every few weeks, if that. So if someone pretends to be me, and does a good job, those that don’t get the daily dose of myself will never know who they were talking to.

I’m not even sure how a scam artist could make anything out of this, but it makes you wonder… how much would you pay to get your Facebook-self back from kidnappers?

Kidnapped on Facebook | Beyond the Beyond from


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