Each One Is A Story

What I like about these ideas is the kind of world that you imagine them creating.

(I’ve been working on one based the last point for a while now.)

IBM Reveals Five Innovations That Will Change Our Lives in the Next Five Years
— Energy saving solar technology will be built into asphalt, paint and windows
— You will have a crystal ball for your health
— You will talk to the Web . . . and the Web will talk back
— You will have your own digital shopping assistants
— Forgetting will become a distant memory

Of course, there is always the cynical side of this sort of futurism; I wonder what percentage of the world’s population will be able to take advantage of these?


3 thoughts on “Each One Is A Story

  1. The first point I find extremely promising and I would really like to see those solar panes put into retro-effect on older buildings and structures once it comes around—not just into new ones being built in the future. But, the other four seem more decadent then anything else.

    In the end though, it will be the actions and products that are actually produced that will reveal the altruistic nature of these endeavors. I know management has changed over the years, but this is still the company whose 1943 chairman, Thomas Watson, said:

    “I think there is a world market for maybe five computers.”

  2. Well, #5 at least is becoming a slow reality 🙂

    I’ve got my iphone sync’d via exchange with my contacts and calendar- and when I’m at the laptop, the desktop, or somewhere having a coffee, typically I’m forced to remember all the stuff I’m supposed to be doing.

    This assumes of course that I can remember to input everything correctly in the first place- but now its getting harder for me to forget stuff- information, files, even books, sync’d across every device I have- but it probably means the stuff I’m supposed to be syncing, I’ve forgotten about.

    As for digital shopping assistants.. can I get a non-digital shopping assistant? I am really too lazy to go grocery shopping some days.


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