Not-So-Secret Pirate Maps

(By the way, we’re not talking about the kinds of pirates that watch TV shows or movies downloaded illegally. Which is to say, most everybody you know. This is the actual ship-boarding, hostage-taking, booty-grabbing pirates, perhaps with less of the costumes we’ve come to associate with the term!)

The links below indicate internet map-tracking of recent pirate activity. I’d be interested in applying history to this, and seeing how similar the map is to what have been historically persistent locales for oceanic crime. It’s finding information like this that I find so fascinating; it’s taking what the internet can do and applying it to actual events. Finding patterns.

(The other side of the coin is that the pirates, if they are web-savvy at all, have access to these same maps. Not to mention making their own, non-public maps to help organize their hijacking all the better.)

The other part of this is that despite the seeming high-tech future we live in, there are elements of world consumption that are tied to practical problems that don’t go away with being connected to the Web. In particular, geography. Oceans still need to be crossed with things that one side has and the other needs. Ditto for mountains, deserts, or any other geographical obstacle that needs to be overcome. Food for thought when so many people find Web 2.0 as the center of their day, for work or pleasure.

The major news stories these days seem to be about the Somali pirates, or at least the attacks coming from that area. The maps are pretty packed in that area. I’m getting fascinated with this topic lately; has it been going on for a while, and just a hot news story recently, or has something changed? I’m going to try to do some more digging. I’ll probably be posting here if I find anything, so stay tuned!

ICC 2009 Live Pirate Map

BLDGBLOG: Piracy, Live at Sea

(I’ve left alone any sarcastic remarks about the Pirates series of movies, feel free to make your own!)


3 thoughts on “Not-So-Secret Pirate Maps

  1. I dunno, to be honest…it seems to me like this has been an ongoing problem that is only getting attention because the Media can only present so much ‘The economy sucks’ pieces before we all realize there’s nothing news-worthy on television and go outside or read a book.

    If the area is a hotbed for activity, then it only seems (in my opinion) that this sort of thing has not only been ongoing, but is rather well orchestrated to CONTINUE to be ongoing.

  2. I think its been going on for quite a while, but seems to be getting extra attention lately.

    I have a friend whose survey ship had to out run pirates in the area and this was not recent (1-2 years ago) if I remember right.

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