Robo-Hamlet Takes The Stage

Having just finished working on a show, this seemed like a fitting link to share.

BBC NEWS | Asia-Pacific | Actor robots take Japanese stage

Starving actors can now also worry about losing their jobs to automation, too.

Robots on stage isn’t entirely new; Karel Čapek’s play, R.U.R. (Rossum’s Universal Robots), premiered in 1921. It’s interesting that we are almost a century away from then, yet the whole android servant future still hasn’t taken place. On different scales, the story is the same; indentured robo-servants learn to yearn for the freedom of their masters.

I’m intrigued with some of the possibilities this can raise. Instead of making the story about robots, imagine what other forms of theatre you could develop using them as performers. I can see it especially fitting for them to play Beckett: when they’re done the show, they’ll reboot and keep waiting for Godot, not even realizing they’ve done it all before…


One thought on “Robo-Hamlet Takes The Stage

  1. Dicken’s World had animatronic characters from his novels perform a skit thing- it was mostly creepy and horrible.
    Love the new look, BTW!

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