It may have been presumptuous for me to have blogged about getting back into the blogging saddle, just as I started working on a show.

Oh well. At least I’ve got some content to share: the details of the show. If you’re in Calgary and have the chance, come check it out!

Theatre BSMT presents…

The Woods
by David Mamet

March 12th – 21st, 2009
Pay What You Can/Preview Night March 11th

performances at EPCOR Centre’s Motel
(2nd Floor across from the Big Secret Theatre)

Tickets $15
Show starts at 8pm
for tickets call 403-690-2693

Director:   Jason Mehmel
Mentor:    Karen Johnson-Diamond
Starring:   Jeremy Mason and Truus Verkley
Set Design:  Cassandra Christie
Light and Sound Design:  Amy Dettling

Theatre BSMT is proud to bring you one of David Mamet’s hidden treasures The Woods.  Two young lovers Nick and Ruth escape for a romantic vacation to Nick’s family cabin.  As they discover more about themselves and their relationship dark feelings erupt into violence.  The Woods explores our need to love, be loved and our struggle to communicate that in our relationships.

Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to discover David Mamet’s most misunderstood play.  Mamet himself banned New York productions of the play in 1985 and it took over 10 years for him to allow the play to be produced again. Theatre BSMT is excited to take on the challenge of producing such an edgy piece of work.  Come see what all the talk is about!

Amy Dettling

The Woods, by David Mamet
The Woods, by David Mamet

Artistic Director
Theatre BSMT


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