Your Eye, Your Screen…

Read this. Or at least skim it… | Contact lenses with circuits, lights a possible platform for superhuman vision | University of Washington News and Information

Right on the heels of me posting about a fractured computing experience, comes this. I heard it first on the CBC radio program, Quirks and Quarks, and looked it up from there. The gist of it? A computer monitor on your eyeball, that would project it’s image so that it looks like it’s floating in front of you, in your vision.

With this kind of technology, it’s possible that you would never need a screen while computing, because you’d simply be interacting with data projected millimeters in front of your eyeball.

Stuff like this makes moot the term ‘portable technology.’ If this becomes a primary way we use computers… we won’t need a desk for our computers, because there won’t be anything to put on it that wouldn’t fit in our pocket. Or floating on our eye.

(Too bad I’ve never been able to wear contact lenses… I’ll have to miss out on this future.)


2 thoughts on “Your Eye, Your Screen…

  1. I have a headache just thinking about floating computer screens. What happens when video phone get on board with this technology. I can see it now gettin’ hot an heavy ‘tween the sheet and then your Mom video calls and is on your eyeballs!

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