Swedish for Torture

After spending hours building my Ikea furniture, I have to assume that, though one saves money by building it yourself, you also lose sanity in the construction. Which means you have to pay for therapy later. Which means, what have you really saved?

At one point in the construction, it occured to me; the directions that accompanied the desk and drawer would work so much easier in a different environment than my apartment. Such as zero-g, where it makes sense to float each block and rivet towards each other. That, or they assume I have telekinesis.

Okay, enough with the griping. Ultimately, I really liked what I picked out, and it works in the room the way I hoped it would. Maybe I’l even post some pictures…


2 thoughts on “Swedish for Torture

  1. Ah, I am at peace. You’ve passed the IKEA test! (The ultimate relationship experiment.) I’m convinced that we all become who we truely are, 15 minutes into setting up an ikea bookshelf.

    A personal congratulations from me, to you!

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