Building a new nest.

(This title is in relation to a previous post, for any newcomers.)

Tonight I’ll  be off to Ikea, land of homogenized individuality, to add some of the final touches to the new apartment I’ve moved into. A lot of my furniture previously to this were hand-me-downs, and though functional, no longer what I’m looking for.

In general, we learn the lesson of accumulation; of getting all the stuff we need so that we don’t need it anymore. Perhaps a vestigial instinct from more primal days, when shelter meant life, and maintaining it meant continued life. Hell, in some of the more war-torn or generally ravaged sections of the world, this is still the case.

But the feeling of getting rid of something, not because you don’t need it, but simply to replace it, is an interesting emotion.  There is a sense of metamorphosis. You can begin to tailor your environment more specifically, attaching it to your own habits and aesthetic. Perhaps redesigning a room can begin a redesigning of self.

As my environment changes, I feel a similar change approach…


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