Apologia for Silence.

I’ve been quiet lately.

For the period of about a year, I wrote eleven articles for a web-magazine that intended to cater to those on the cusp of twenty. I was already past that cusp, and my writing didn’t reflect the questions and concerns of that age gap, but for some reason, they let me ramble on. I was given an avenue to speak about any concept that interested me, and I did so. (I’ll include a link to where those articles can now be found, below.)

It’s been at least two years since I  had that avenue open to me. I tried, in the meantime, to start two different blogs, one with a spiritual theme, the other political. They atrophied and are no longer updated or visited, simply because I found I often couldn’t continually come up new or interesting content. Or the things I felt like sharing couldn’t be pigeonholed into one of two categories.

So here’s a place where I can talk about whatever I want to, either deep introspective essays, or just sharing news and announcements from my life.

Ultimately, though, this is a place where I can finally get out of my own way, and simply rant and ramble without worrying about an overarching theme.

I’ve been getting more used to this New Internet, this Web 2.0, which, Wikipedia aside, is no longer just web-pages of information, but now hyper-linked communities. It’s no longer just a place of reading, it is now a place of communication. In that spirit I begin again, the silence having been a useful period of percolation.

Let’s get talking!
(The link to the old articles…)



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